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A Medical Science Perspective on 160 Characters

Our final blog on this series comes from Dr Geordan Shannon, a medical doctor and anthropologist , who gives us her thoughts and insights into the 160 Characters workshop.


Khuluma Khulisani Mentor Program

“You can’t just sit back and relax and expect things to happen. Who is it that is going to make those things happen while you are relaxing? We, as young children, need to start preparing the changes we want to see in this world because everything is in our hands.” – Khuluma Mentor


Understanding the Mood of the Text Message – An Adolescent’s View on 160 Characters

Our next blog on this series comes from one of our Khuluma Mentors, who shares their thoughts and insights into the 160 Characters workshop.


A Design-thinking Perspective on 160 Characters

For the next instalment of this blog series, Product Consultant, Ursule Kajokaite, gives us her view on the text message data collected from Project Khuluma.

160 Characters

160 Characters Findings Report

We're proud to release a report of our findings from the 160 Characters Project. The 160 Characters Project is the first of its kind in its use of an interdisciplinary and participatory framework to understand the text message data generated by The SHM Foundation's Project Khuluma.

Social Science

Virtual Spaces of Care – Khuluma as a ‘home’ - A Social View on 160 Characters

For the third instalment of the 160 Characters blog series, Research Associate and Architectural Designer, Mikaela Patrick, provides us with her insights into the Khuluma text message data.

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The SHM Foundation wins Partnership with Africaid Zvandiri funded by ViiV Positive Action Challenges

The Zvandiri programme aims to support national HIV systems to provide a comprehensive package of care for children, adolescents and young people living with HIV.


From Rubik's Cube to Khuluma Data - A Mathematician's View on 160 Characters

For the second instalment of this blog series, mathematician and Natural Language Processing engineer, Hector Durham, explores what the abstract field of group theory can do with the Khuluma text message data.


In Praise of Ineffectiveness - Literature's View on 160 Characters

What is good communication? Professor Susanne Kord writes on the importance of miscommunication and imagination in language, as part of the 160 Characters Project blog series.


Hlanganani Plus

The SHM Foundation is excited to announce that they have partnered with the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation on a new iteration of Project Khuluma based in South Africa.

160 Characters

160 Characters

The 160 Characters Project is aimed at creating a new research framework for understanding the potential of mobile messaging for the treatment of mental health. An interdisciplinary method, the framework uses a combination of ‘six voices’ to provide new insights into the mental health and wellbeing needs of adolescents living with HIV.


Beneficence and Global Mental Health

Grace Ryan - I’m sitting in a white pick-up truck with Philip Ode, Coordinator of the Comprehensive Community Mental Health Programme (CCMHP) in Benue State, Nigeria. The driver is deftly dodging motorcycle taxis and top-heavy semis loaded with tomatoes, yams, long-horned cattle… they call Benue State “Nigeria’s Food Basket” for a reason.

Aids 2018

AIDS Conference 2018

From 23 - 27 July, AIDS 2018 will take place in Amsterdam. Started in 1985, this is the 22nd year of the International Conference which brings together leaders in science, philanthropy, advocacy and human rights to address the most pressing issues that are currently being faced in the treatment and prevention of HIV across the globe.

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Project Insaka

This July, The SHM Foundation is proud to announce that Project Insaka will be launched in collaboration with Zambart. This vital project will offer support to HIV positive pregnant women and new mothers in Zambia via mobile digital messaging through Rocket.Chat.

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Introducing Ember

Project Ember is a collaboration between The SHM Foundation and the Mental Health Innovation Network (MHIN) created to help mental health innovation grow and thrive in low- and middle-income countries.

Khuluma Film

Khuluma: The Film

The SHM Foundation and Filmpark have collaborated to make a 6-minute documentary, showing how difficult it is for a young adult to discover that they are HIV positive, how they cope with stigma and what their aspirations are for the future.

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