Me Late Leer

The Issue

In Mexico, illiteracy affects 31 million people, a quarter of the population. Among these, elementary school children are of particular concern because illiteracy has a profound effect on their life and their future. It limits their opportunities as they grow and deprives them of the opportunity to cultivate love for reading and literature. The obstacles to overcoming this challenge are many. First, books are often lacking in schools in Mexico City and, when available, are unsuitable for helping children learn to read and understand. Second, books are often uninteresting because there is no variety of topics and storytelling styles. Lastly, there is no support to guide children in reading.

The Approach

Me Late Leer exists to inspire the love of reading in Mexico City elementary school children.

The Outcome

We work with over 200 students between 6 and 10 years of age, involving them in "inspirational events".

We have invited children's writers to present their books in schools to students and teachers. At the end of each event, a collection of books were provided to the schools and will remain available to students.

To provide a comfortable reading space for children, we have created a library where they now have access to a large selection of books by different Mexican authors.

In 2020, we are planning to organize a series of creative seminars in collaboration with the Museo De San Ildefonso in Mexico City, to teach children how to create their own book.

This project is generously funded by Corazón, a Mexican restaurant based in central London.


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