Hugo Schlesinger

Hugo Schlesinger

Hugo started working with The SHM Foundation as a Consultant in 2017, advising on technology and operational issues. He led the research, development and deployment of the technology used in Project Insaka, and is working on the strategy for scaling the Zumbido model into a versatile digital support group service for all manner of participants. He also supports Project Ember, advising our innovators on their legal needs and other challenges they face in developing their innovations.

Hugo uses his experience of working in start-ups to approach problems with an open mind and a creative spirit. His training as a Linguist and Social Anthropologist allows him to act effectively as an intermediary between the technical and non-technical components of our work, ensuring that both sides are well spoken for.

Hugo studied Modern Languages and Social Anthropology at Cambridge University, before working in business development roles in hospitality and technology. He is currently studying for a law degree alongside of his work with The SHM Foundation. He believes that the law has a key role to play in shaping our ever-digitalising societies.

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