Nikita Simpson

Nikita Simpson

Nikita began working with The SHM Foundation in 2015. She is currently leading the scale up of the Zumbido Health Model to new populations, geographies and conditions. She is focused on design, training and evaluation for the launch of Project Insaka in Zambia and HIanganani Plus in South Africa. She is also developing an interdisciplinary methodology for analysing the text messages generated by the model, through the 160 Characters Project.

Nikita is a co-founder of The SHM Foundation’s new mental health innovation incubator – Project Ember – launched in partnership with the MHIN. She is interested in the way grass roots innovation can provide culturally sensitive and cost-effective solutions to the mental health treatment gap in low resource settings. She is currently based in rural Northern India, where she is conducting ethnographic fieldwork on adolescent and women’s mental health in the face of rapid social change. This fieldwork is the basis of her PhD in Anthropology at the London School of Economics, which she began in 2016.

Before joining the Foundation, Nikita read PPS at Kings College, Cambridge University. She also worked on a number of gender empowerment initiatives for EduCare in India and the Mitrataa Foundation in Nepal; and in Health Promotion at the World Health Organisation, Geneva.​

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