Anna Kydd

Anna Kydd

Anna Kydd is Director of The SHM Foundation and oversees all of the Foundation’s work. She has considerable experience working in the area of mobile health in Latin America and Africa, and was the co-founder of one of the Foundation’s first projects – Zumbido, in the state of Jalisco in Mexico – which developed support networks for those living with HIV/AIDS via the mobile phone. Building on the success of this project, in partnership with Yale School of Medicine and the University of Pretoria, the model has been expanded to South Africa with the development of mobile phone support groups for HIV-positive pregnant women and HIV-positive adolescents. She is now in the process of adapting this model globally to a range of health conditions where mental health plays a key role.

Anna has carried out research into how network digital communications can provide opportunities for social change, and regularly collaborates with universities and research organisations in the field of technology and development.

Before her time at The SHM Foundation, Anna worked on research projects for a variety of environmental, public and human-rights organisations worldwide including the Food and Agriculture Organisation, UNESCO in Ghana and the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation. Anna’s educational background is in environment and development, with a Master’s in Planning and Development from the Development Planning Unit at University College London.

Anna is a Trustee of Blue Ventures, a pioneering charity that develops transformative approaches for catalysing and sustaining locally led marine conservation (

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