Joshua Olins

Joshua Olins

Joshua is an experienced designer who has been working with The SHM Foundation since 2013. He works on a wide variety of projects that see him applying his knowledge of user-based design to a diverse set of challenges. During his time at the Foundation he has been involved in many branding and identity design projects, including the recent Ember and Zumbido projects.

By focusing on how people use and interact with design, Joshua is able to take complex ideas and turn them into simple, beautiful pieces of communication. This includes creating websites, booklets, infographics, animations and digital e-learning games.

Aside from his work at The SHM Foundation, Josh sits on the board of executives for the Greater London North Scout District, a role which allows him to help shape the way that Scouting activities are delivered to the 7,000 young people in the district. On top of this he is also the County Youth Representative on the National Scout Council, which gives him the position of making sure that the views of young people are being heard and represented at a national level.

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