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The Foundation aims to provide communities and individuals with the practical tools they need to develop innovative solutions. It uses knowledge from the humanities and social sciences to understand human motivation, and draws on academic disciplines, from philosophy to anthropology, to address social challenges.

Launching Project Noor

The SHM Foundation is launching the first stage of Project Noor - a project we are running in partnership with the Max Barney Foundation in which we’ll work with a small group of refugee women in London who are from the Middle East, in order to support them in their journey towards finding secure and rewarding employment. Project Noor will support the participants over a period of 6 months in looking for and securing a job, or to plan and start their personal income-generating project. We will work on a one-to-one basis with each participant to understand their ambitions, expectations, strengths, and challenges and build a system of support to help overcome obstacles. The project will be conducted in Arabic and English.

We are now at the stage of recruiting participants for this project. We are calling for applications from women who are refugees or asylum seekers living in London, from the Middle East, aged 30 or above, who would like to take part in this project.

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We are looking for women who will work with us as co-creators and help shape the project so that it serves their needs in the best way. We have created a simple application form where potential participants can register their interest in taking part. Applications are open from today

You can find more information about Project Noor and details of how to apply in English here and in Arabic here.

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