Launching Project Noor

The SHM Foundation in partnership with the Max Barney Foundation has launched Project Noor. We will work with refugee women from the Middle East living in the UK to support them in their journey towards finding secure and rewarding employment.

Refugees in the UK face a myriad of barriers to securing decent, stable employment - language barriers, the absence of recognised qualifications and work experience, CV gaps, poor mental health, limited social networks being just a few, not to mention prejudice or anxieties from potential employers. For refugee women, these barriers are often intensified due to factors like caregiving duties, cultural expectations, education levels, among others.

At SHM Foundation, we understand that each person's journey is different. That's why we believe in building solutions outwards from the individual, rather than fitting the individual into an existing suite of services. In this 6-month long project, we will work with the participants to identify the barriers to employment that they are facing. Based on their specific needs, we will deliver a bespoke package of support that might training opportunities, wellbeing and mental health support, advice on CV and job applications, and making referrals to other external services.

If you'd like to be a part of the project, applications are now open which you can find in English and Arabic here. If you'd like to know more details, you can find them here in English and here in Arabic.

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