#MyHappySpace with Khuluma Khulisani Mentors: World AIDS Day 2020

The SHM Foundation has supported adolescents living with HIV on mental health issues through its digital social support program Khuluma for the past seven years. From this, emerged a mentor programme for our participants who were involved in the Khuluma initiative, to train them to provide the same support to other adolescents living with the same condition as them.

The Khuluma mentors are energetic, enthusiastic and driven- they are truly inspirational in the way they lead their lives. We have been witness to the incredible resilience which these mentors have shown in our association with them in all these years. But what's the secret behind this positivity and motivation?

The theme for World Aids Day 2020 is 'Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Resilience and Impact'. On this occasion, we decided to focus on the resilience of the mentors. We have done this by celebrating their personal stories through #MyHappySpace campaign. Along with asking them some questions about their motivations and aspirations, we also asked them to share a picture of the one thing that makes them really happy, their happy space.

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